email set up

Email Set Up and Management

This FAQ section covers the main ways to set up and manage your email accounts once you have web hosting with i-webdesigner.

It covers the following:

Setting up Email

  1. The different types of email
  2. How to set up your email accounts
  3. Webmail
  4. How to change your password
  5. Setting up email on your own PC and mobile devices

Managing your email

  1. General email management
  2. Dealing with SPAM
  3. Email in a larger organisation

What is included:

Because everyone learns is a different way, and because it can be difficult to both watch and attempt to 'do things for yourself' at the same time, each of the articles will consist of a short video clip, an online explanation and a download.

If you are still struggling, our helpdesk is only a short contact away to help guide you through the process.

Precautionary Note:

The appearance of your mailboxes and hosting may vary slightly from the instructions. This does not mean that the instructions are wrong, just that your settings may be different. Just pause and look around until you find the equivalent settings you are looking for. They are usually pretty close by.

If you still can't find your way around, then is the time to throw the computer out of the room and try calling our friendly helpline!

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