How to create an email address in cPanel

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This article shows you how to use your cpanel to create an email address for your account.

Things you need before you start:

  • - A hosted website
  • - Details of your website cpanel username and password

Note that your own cpanel details many vary slightly in appearance and icons could look slightly different but the process will be the same

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How to create an email account

Step 1 - Access your cpanel online using the username and password for your account

typical cpanel

Step 2 - Click on the email icon on the panel

email icon in cpanel

Step 3 - Enter the email address you want to create in the email box. Note, that you can choose only from domains, associated with your account - your primary domain and all add-on and parked domains.

Step 4 - Create a password - We recommend you select a strong password using the password making tool (remember to record a copy of your password somewhere safe in case you ever forget it)

Step 5 - Mailbox quota - choose the size of the mailbox you want. The default is set to 250Mb, but values can go up to infinite

Step 6 - Press the Create Account button to create your account.

That's it. In a few seconds your email account will be created.

email account boxes
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